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Why is Vertical farming needed as a form of charity?

As we all know charity is something that we as people do to help others who might be in a worse position than ourselves.  We as human beings have an instinct to help others and with that comes an act of kindness.  Over the years we have had charities created who are supposed to be working towards the same mission to ease the suffering of people who have ended up in a bad situation. or may be suffering from an illness.  Life and Hope have been created in order to solve a problem, this problem we have set out to achieve is ensuring no mouth goes hungry. In reality, this goal is not extremely difficult it requires ensuring that the food demand is met by having local food points easily accessible by the communities who need them the most. For example in a rural environment such as Ethiopia where the poor are spread out through vast amounts of land, we propose education is key simply because they need to know that if the ground which they live on does not contain enough nutrients or can not be farmed there are other ways in which they can grow crops and create a sustainable living environment without having to turn to their government for aid. This is farming which can be carried out in a controlled environment, this is also a fairly cheap method to run. As an example in Kenya rural farmers have turned sacks used for importing coffee and turned them into planting pots by putting fertiliser and soil into the sack and growing vegetables. Which is an extremely cheap method of producing crops. However, having said this some people who cannot do this can still be taken care of by charity projects which actually resolve the issue and grow fresh produce inexpensively and contribute to reducing the hunger problems faced by communities who are helpless. We hope you can help us on our mission and we always look forward to hearing your opinions please comment and share below.